We have 16 full size stalls for our equine herd with 2 mini stalls for our miniature horses. Each stall allows the horses to stick their heads out into the aisle with a window on the backside allowing them to look around outside.

Our main barn houses 8 of our larger horses. The Subaru Barn, construction sponsored by North Park Subaru, houses 8 of our smaller equines. The mini barn is home to our two miniature horses as well as stores supplies for our smaller animals: chickens, 2 goats and a pig.


With three arena spaces, we are able to hold multiple lessons at once at our facility. Surrounding the arenas are 8 turn out runs where the horses enjoy their days.

On the horses’ off days, you can find them turned out in out 30 acres of rock free pasture to enjoy grazing, playing and running around together as a herd!

Whether it’s sunbathing, rooting or scratching up dirt looking for bugs, you can guarantee their bellies are full and their hearts are happy!


We are blessed with a custom built barn that is ADA accessible, an ADA accessible mounting ramp for those in wheelchairs or who need assistance when mounting, a round pen and a large sanded arena.

When you come out, it won’t be unusual to get a visit from the chickens, goats, or even Ms. Ellie our mini pig!

Kind Words

Evelyn is learning to not skip steps, to be more aware of her environment, and to care for a horse. Evelyn is learning to saddle and ride her horse, whom she has bonded with. She looks forward to horseback riding and knows she must be doing her best in school to continue therapy. Evelyn has something else to talk about, socially and loves sharing her experience. She feels special and important and doesn’t even realize it is “therapy”.
Shauna H.